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I published my first thought on The Pastry Box, so in honor of Valentine’s Day: Letting Go of Love

Flower Tower. Tribeca. 15 Oct 2013

Designing On the Z-Axis

When we design websites or mobile apps, most of us tend to think 2 dimensionally. Everything is up and down – because there is no fold, right? – or or side to side.

But instead of thinking about our designs as as existing on one wide, single plane, I think we should start thinking about more of our designs like this.

Not like a flat, dimensional plane, but like layers and modular pieces that appear and disappear as needed.

It’s critical for designers to begin thinking about their interfaces in a three-dimensional way, because 3D is the future. 3D is the key to whatever comes after interfaces that live on screens – whatever Minority Report, Tony Stark awesomeness that lies just over the horizon. MORE…

TechHatch mentoring at INM United

Yesterday I got to hang out with the students at TechHatch, a mentoring program for teens here in RVA. We did some sketching and design thinking exercises together, and they shared their startup projects with me. (photo by Niki Liu)

Link Round-up: Design for Startups

This spring I’ve been mentoring the first group of startups accepted to Richmond’s Lighthouse Labs accelerator program. Below is a quick roundup of links I’m sharing with these companies about the role of design in launching a startup.

Must-read primer on design for non-designers. Includes a lovely interactive version of Dieter Rams’ 10 principles for good design.

Excellent interview with Jason Putorti, the designer co-founder of Mint, about emotionally intelligent design and how good design makes a product and company more trustworthy and valuable.

This interview with Mailbox CEO Gentry Underwood is less about design per se and more about high-level “design thinking” and how to apply that to your product. MORE…

OneSpark 2013 Hangout

I’m really thrilled to be going to Jacksonville later this month to speak at OneSpark, a huge crowdfunding festival in its first year. These guys are putting a lot of work into making this event a success, and I enjoyed getting a chance to talk for a few minutes about authenticity, trouble-making, and how much I love making internet things. MORE…

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