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I published my first thought on The Pastry Box, so in honor of Valentine’s Day: Letting Go of Love

Flower Tower. Tribeca. 15 Oct 2013

Designing On the Z-Axis

When we design websites or mobile apps, most of us tend to think 2 dimensionally. Everything is up and down – because there is no fold, right? – or or side to side.

But instead of thinking about our designs as as existing on one wide, single plane, I think we should start thinking about more of our designs like this.

Not like a flat, dimensional plane, but like layers and modular pieces that appear and disappear as needed.

It’s critical for designers to begin thinking about their interfaces in a three-dimensional way, because 3D is the future. 3D is the key to whatever comes after interfaces that live on screens – whatever Minority Report, Tony Stark awesomeness that lies just over the horizon. MORE…

TechHatch mentoring at INM United

Yesterday I got to hang out with the students at TechHatch, a mentoring program for teens here in RVA. We did some sketching and design thinking exercises together, and they shared their startup projects with me. (photo by Niki Liu)

Link Round-up: Design for Startups

This spring I’ve been mentoring the first group of startups accepted to Richmond’s Lighthouse Labs accelerator program. Below is a quick roundup of links I’m sharing with these companies about the role of design in launching a startup.

Must-read primer on design for non-designers. Includes a lovely interactive version of Dieter Rams’ 10 principles for good design.

Excellent interview with Jason Putorti, the designer co-founder of Mint, about emotionally intelligent design and how good design makes a product and company more trustworthy and valuable.

This interview with Mailbox CEO Gentry Underwood is less about design per se and more about high-level “design thinking” and how to apply that to your product. MORE…

OneSpark 2013 Hangout

I’m really thrilled to be going to Jacksonville later this month to speak at OneSpark, a huge crowdfunding festival in its first year. These guys are putting a lot of work into making this event a success, and I enjoyed getting a chance to talk for a few minutes about authenticity, trouble-making, and how much I love making internet things. MORE…

My Year in Tweets

For my birthday, my amazing librarian friend Taber Bain created this word cloud from the last year of my tweets.

I love this. I’m also mystified by it. (How did “Oh shit” make it but “fuck” doesn’t appear?) But mostly I’m stunned by how collectively, my words reveal more about myself than I ever intended.

I really like people. To follow me on twitter is to know me well in some respects, but only some. Who I am online isn’t who I am. I am friendlier and more kind in person, less likely to talk about patriarchy and more likely to tell you about which bakery makes the best chocolate cupcakes. MORE…

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