About Me

I’m Wren, a UX designer with a passion for building beautiful digital products. My work combines innovative approaches to product design with an outcomes-based process. I specialize in mobile UI design, lean UX, information architecture, and product strategy.

I lead design and UX at Highrise.

I've spoken at quite a few conferences, including GIANT Conference, MidwestUX, BDConf, Blend Conference, ConvergeSE, and numerous local meetups.

My writing has been featured in publications including A List Apart, net magazine, and The Pastry Box.

Upcoming Presentations
Selected Interviews, Podcasts, etc
When I’m not pushing pixels…

I like tasty baked goods and cute animal gifs. I play Carcassonne more than I should and read good books less than I like to admit.

Every once in awhile I make bill conference with @mrbeefy, where we talk about how ideas are easy and making things is hard.