Plugless Power Order Form

ux, wireframes

When an electric vehicle charging startup redesigned their site, they asked me to help redesign the UX of the order process. There were two forms on the old site – an order form and a reservation form; potential customers were confused and often submitted the wrong form, which brought complaints from a 3rd-party vendor.

Filling out forms is tedious, so I designed an experience that felt more like creating a profile than submitting a form. Electric vehicle owners are smart and passionate about their cars; the new form would take advantage of that emotional connection. By offering simple choices up front, we could gather information to pre-populate fields.

Sketching ideas allowed me to explore different page flows and find ways to simplify each interaction.

The result was a short selection process that reduced the cognitive burden on potential buyers. Instead of asking them to choose a form, the new design only asked them to select the make and model of their electric vehicle.

Based on which vehicle the user selects, we can seamlessly direct them to the correct form.