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The best of 2014
A thought about things I read this year that made the deepest impression
You are doing it wrong
A thought about not making other people feel bad about using technology
Work habits I've learned from writers
A thought about some of the things I do to stay productive
Practice, not process
A thought about how our daily practice is more important than a perfect process
Do more of this: a letter to my future self
A thought about doing more things that nurture the spirit
A little bit less
A thought about getting better at receiving critical feedback
The Z-Axis: Designing for the Future
Exploring layered user interface design patterns as the first step towards designing interactions that don’t live on screens
Letting go of love
For Valentine's Day, a thought about side projects

Hey! What happened to 2013? I got busy with life stuff – including starting a freelance business – and didn't write much of anything. Oops.

How the Godzilla weather video went viral
We posted a video on the internet and then a whole lot of people shared it. Also, some corporations got upset so I explained everything in this post.
Mobile Design with Gestures
Some thoughts about the pros and cons of gestures in mobile apps
Getting on The StartupBus 2012
What I learned while making an app on the road to Austin, TX
Why I love the Quora weekly digest
In praise of the best email that lands in my Inbox each week